Solid Waste Problem Under Rushern Baker

“When elected leadership doesn’t understand how people live their lives…”

“… and provide the basic kinds of services…”

“… the little things can start to get on your nerves."

“It seems like a really tiny thing,” Edwards said. “But when elected leadership doesn’t understand how people live their lives and provide the basic kinds of services, the little things can start to get on your nerves. If she . . . believes that I can do something about picking up her trash, then she will trust me to do the stuff that’s really hard.” (Washington Post, 7/19/2017)

Rushern Baker is responsible for the reduction of trash pick-up in Prince George’s County

Under his leadership, the solid waste fund hit a $4 to $6 million deficit 

Leading to trash pick-up being cut by 50%

Image at 31 seconds: "Trash Talk: In this suburb, cutting garbage pickups sparks a nasty backlash"

In early 2016, Baker’s Department of the Environment was trying to deal with a pressing problem. The county’s decades-old practice of sending trash haulers twice a week to the county’s unincorporated neighborhoods had become prohibitively expensive (independent cities and towns in the county take care of their own trash, with most picking up once a week). The solid-waste fund, the pot of money that relies in part on fees of $30 a month per household, was running a $4 million to $6 million annual deficit.

“Their service is being cut in half, but there’s no real change in what they are paying,” Franklin said. “They are unhappy.”

(Washington Post, 8/8/2017)

If we can’t trust leaders to provide basic services,

How can we trust them to do the hard stuff? 

The survey results come a little over a year after the county council voted to have trash collected just once each week instead of twice as a means of saving money and promoting recycling.

According to the study, more than 74 percent of residents do not approve of the change and express interest in switching back to twice-a-week service. Less than 26 percent expressed support for the new system.

(WTOP, 6/8/2017)