Larry Hogan: The Great Pretender

Donald Trump wants Hogan to win because they agree on policy

“In Maryland, the Democrat candidate for governor wants to give illegal aliens free college
tuition courtesy of the American taxpayer,”

Trump video

Donald Trump's swipe at Ben Jealous hands Democrat a chance to link Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan to president [Baltimore Sun, 9/7/18]

Larry Hogan Pretends that he is not close to Donald Trump, but he welcomes and hangs out with Trump’s education secretary

Hogan visits Montgomery County school with U.S. Education Secretary DeVos  [Baltimore Sun, 3/23/17]

He says one of his closest friends and allies is Mike Pence

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan: Mike Pence 'one of my closest friends' among governors [Baltimore Sun, 12/7/16]

Like Trump’s Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, Larry Hogan pushed for new mandatory minimums

Governor’s crime plan sends Md back to the 80’s [Baltimore Sun, Op-Ed, 12/31/17]

Sessions moves to lengthen drug sentences [Politico, 5/12/17]

Like Trump, Hogan doesn’t want to take in refugees

Hogan seeks halt to Syrian refugee resettlement in Md. [Baltimore Sun, 11/17/15]

Vox: Trump’s executive order on refugees closes America to those who need it most [Vox, 1/27/17]

Donald Trump raised $100k for Hogan’s Republican Party

One of Donald Trump's first stops as a presidential candidate? Maryland [Baltimore Sun, 6/16/15]

ON policy after policy, Larry Hogan pretends he disagrees with Donald Trump

Larry Hogan: The Great Pretender