Larry Hogan: No friend to women when it comes to health care

Hogan refused to sign a law protecting health services for women

In April 2017, The Planned Parenthood Bill Passed Into Law Without Hogan’s Signature. “Maryland became the first state to enact a law that will reimburse Planned Parenthood for its services if there are any federal cuts to the organization.Gov. Larry Hogan (R) decided not to veto the measure, which was one of 15 bills that became law at midnight without the governor's signature. The measure, which allocates nearly $3 million to help pay for Planned Parenthood services, was one of the 27 bills the state’s General Assembly sent to him last week.[The Hill, 4/6/2017]

Hogan refused to sign a law guaranteeing funding for Planned Parenthood no matter what Republicans in Washington do

Hogan tried to get an anti-abortion activist appointed to the State Board of Physicians

Governor Hogan nominated Day Gardner to serve on the state Board of Physicians. The state Board of Physicians authorizes physicians' licenses and investigates complaints against them. Gardner, the founder of the National Black Pro-Life Union, has a long, disturbing history of advocating against doctors who provide abortions. [Washington Post, 3/14/17]

Note: Day Gardner ultimately withdrew her name from consideration for the position.

He refused to sign on to a constitutional amendment protecting a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions